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About the Company

Deep Patterns LLC specializes in development and promotion of Big Data analytics software implementing the innovative SRMD (Structural Resonance in Multidimensional Data) technology. We use proprietary concept of context-sensitive local metrics and effect of structural resonance in multi-dimensional data.

Proven by a number of successful implementations, our approach is very effective in analytics in areas characterized by high complexity in internal relations where traditional data mining methods normally tend to fail.

Big Data is a key to new discoveries

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The Team

SRMD technology works in all areas where traditional data mining methodology is used today. Tremendous data volumes generated in banking, finance, insurance, CRM, manufacturing, telecommunications, e-business, marketing, stock market, require more and more comprehensive algorithms to extract valuable information.

Advantages and unique abilities of SRMD are most noticeable when applied in scientific domains, such as bioinformatics and chemometrics, e. g. genome annotation and QSAR discovery, where complex systemic relations are common in data.

Innovative SRMD technology allows

in knowledge-intensive areas:
— expose complex system relations,
— improve accuracy of interpretation, validity of conclusions and predictions.

for business:
— optimize process and realize competitive advantages of the company,
— improve financial highlights and reduce costs, bring company to a new performance level.

Duke, Vyacheslav

Duke, Vyacheslav
D.Sc, founder and scientific director of Deep Patterns LLC.

Konchakov, Andrei

Konchakov, Andrei
CEO, Deep Patterns LLC.

Polukhin, Konstantin

Polukhin, Konstantin
CTO — responsible for R&D, Deep Patterns LLC.

Duke, Aleksandra

Duke, Aleksandra
PhD, deputy director of Development, Deep Patterns LLC.

Power is the near neighbour of necessity. (Pythagoras)


  • DeepPatterns wins BioTech track in Open Innovations Startup Tour

    DeepPatterns wins BioTech track in Open Innovations Startup Tour

    Our project “DP4SAR — the innovative tool for discovering chemical structure patterns and structure-activity relations for directed drug design” awarded first prize in “BioTech in Medicine and Agriculture” section.

  • Interpretability of machine learning models

    Interpretability of machine learning models

    Vyacheslav A. Duke, Scientific director of Deep Patterns made a presentation «Logical methods of machine learning» during «Transportation problem and transport facilities» session held in House of scientists on January 16, 2019.

  • Deep Patterns

    August 2016
    29 of July — Deep Patterns celebrated its birthday

    At the end of July, the Deep Patterns LLC has celebrated its second anniversary. It’s a good practice to sum up achievements to these dates, build plans and we will follow this tradition.

  • Deep Patterns LLC received a grant according to Start program by Bortnik foundation

    Deep Patterns LLC received a grant according to Start program by Bortnik foundation

    This funding is granted within the innovative startup development assistance initiative.

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