The biggest data are contained in out history


In 1992, at the international conference for bionic modeling “Biomod 92”, Vyacheslav Duke presented a concept of local context-sensitive metrics.

He proposed to use local spaces formed by object-dependent metrics instead of common space of objects descriptions. During the analysis of systemically complex objects in context of the classification task, this approach would allow to expose object information value to it’s maximum.

This idea was later described in details in “Computer psychodiagnostics” (1994, 20000 copies published) and became a handbook for applied psychology specialists. This book was also included into the list of recommended readings for “Theoretical foundation of Computer Science” and “Informatics” courses by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

In 1997 the “Piter” Publishing House printed a book “Data processing using PC in examples” by Vyacheslav Duke (10000 copies). In this book he described the structural resonance effect and applied the concept of local context-sensitive metrics to the case of discrete descriptions of objects.

In 2005 Vyacheslav Duke has defended his dissertation “Methodology of search for logical regularities in areas with fuzzy systemology” at department of applied mathematics and control processes in Saint Petersburg State University. Main points of the thesis was:
— description of specifics of systemically complex areas,
— overview of actual methods for logical rule discovery in multidimensional data,
— extension to logical rule search theory based on local geometry concept,
— new approaches to logical rule ensemble analysis,
— methods of fuzzy logical rules,
— examples of practical appliance of the proposed methodology.

Further development of the new technology was held in both theoretical and practical directions. There are 2 working prototypes of program products implementing the new technology , both has proven it’s effectiveness on model and real data.

In 2014 the project “Deep Data Diver — innovative technology Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)” by prof. V. Duke has successfully passed expertise at IT cluster of “Skolkovo” foundation.

Deep Patterns LLC was founded in order to develop , promote and market software products implementing the innovative SRMD technology for Big Data analysis.

In August, 2014 Deep Patterns LLC has achieved the resident status of “Skolkovo” innovation center project.